License deal in oncolytic virotherapies

Oncovita has been granted the exclusive license to an immuno-oncolytic measles virus platform developed by the Institut Pasteur. Based on the technology, the Paris-based biotech plans to develop cancer therapies

The licensed technology, developed by the viral genomics and vaccination unit of Institut Pasteur, is based on changes in the measles viral genome designed to dramatically increase its anti-tumour properties. Oncovita will develop the oncolytic virotherapies based on the modified measles virus technology. Institut Paster has previously developed and patented other genetically modified measles vaccine viruses to be used as recombinant vaccines (among others, chikungunya, zika and dengue fever), which are currently under clinical development. “Oncoviruses as anti-cancer therapies gather more and more interest by recognised research centers as well as by the oncology medical community. We have already demonstrated the efficacy of our first candidate (MVP 06-01) in many in vitro and in vivo non-clinical models of various types of solid tumors,” said Frederic Tangy, who founded Oncovita as a spin-off from Institut Pasteur. “Some tolerance and efficacy clinical results obtained at the Mayo Clinic are also very promising with another measles virus, demonstrating its possible use to treat some cancers.”

“We are particularly pleased that the major advances achieved by the viral genomics and vaccination unit have resulted in the creation of a new French biotech company,” said Isabelle Buckle, executive vice president, technology transfer and industrial partnership at Institut Pasteur. “We will continue to support this project, which looks very promising. We will closely follow its development with all the more interest as the Pasteur Institute is one of Oncovita’s shareholders.”

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